Stoolbar Bohemia Edge


Weight: 10,90 kg

Steel frame.
Coating in black painted.
Indiana with Indian edge Panama with Panama edge, White edged brown, Albero edged brown, Blue edged blue, Grey edge grey, Green edged grenn; or mustard edge mustard P.U. upholstered seat.

Dimensions stoolbar Bohemia REYMA


High stoolbar with structure in resistant steel painted in graphite. Its seat and backrest are upholstered in several colors and edged to choose it and adapt it to the needs of the client.

Additional information


Upholstered Blue, Upholstered Green, Upholstered Grey, Upholstered Indiana, Upholstered Mustard, Upholstered Panama, Upholstered White, Uphosltered Albero

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